Bubba Pollard has his wheelman hands ready for double duty at South Alabama Speedway this weekend. The Senoia, Georgia driver will compete in both the Baby Rattler on Saturday and The Rattler 250 on Sunday.
“I’ve ran both of these races there the past few years, so I’ve gotten pretty used to jumping back and forth between the two cars,” Pollard said. “It’s a fun weekend, especially when you are successful, and definitely a race I look forward to every year.”

Success is something Pollard has seen plenty of on the Pro Late Model side, winning the event back to back in 2014 and 2015. Pollard almost solidified the hat trick one year ago, but was involved in a wreck while leading coming to the checkered flag.
“Last year was a bad deal,” Pollard stated. “I was really disappointed in how that went down, but I’ve put it behind me. We always have a strong car for the Baby Rattler and I’m expecting to compete for the win again this year.”
While the 30 year-old driver has held the baby rattler in Victory Lane, he always seems to be snake bit in the Rattler 250. Over the past three year he has suffered a plethora of problems, from crashes to engine issues, and does not own a finish above 20th.
“We’ve had strong cars for The Rattler, but it just seems like something always goes wrong,” Pollard commented. “I’m excited to bring my new Senneker car to South Alabama and see what we have for everyone and if we can turn our luck around.”
Both Super Late Models and Pro Late Models will be on track Friday for practice. Pollard will qualify and race in the Baby Rattler, as well as qualify for the Rattler 250 on Saturday, March 18. The Rattler 250 will be held on Sunday, March 19. Pollard fans can watch the Rattler 250 live on Speed51.com starting at 2:00 p.m. CST.